Sunday, May 19, 2013

Swatch: Essie 'Dj Play That Song' & 'Boom Boom Room'

Well...Hello Essie

When I first saw this range I was very excited as I don't own many neon polishes. I told myself that this collection was exactly what I needed for summer... so I closed my eyes, held my breath and pressed 'buy it now' which resulted in purchasing the full collection. In one little click I'd blown almost half of my monthly polish budget. Damn you Essie!!

After receiving the set I am happy to say the colours are fantastic. Each colour is a unique shade, maybe not neon in the traditional sense of the word as I would say they fall more under the 'Brights' category, but hey that's a matter of opinion isn't it? Either way they are bright, fun and they scream summertime!

So let's begin, from left to right...
'Bouncer it's me!', 'Shake your $$ maker', 'Saturday disco fever', 'DJ play that song', 'Bottle service' and 'Boom boom room'.

The two colours that everyone keeps talking about are 'Dj play that song' and 'Boom boom Room', so I'll cover them first. The other colours I'll review over the next couple of posts.

'Dj play that song' 

Colour: This is a gorgeous vibrant berry purple jelly.

Application: It is a beautiful colour, but the formula was a little watery and it dried to a matte finish. It took 3 x coats to become fully opaque, looking back I should of really used a white base colour to help make the colour pop, Essie themselves recommend this. To finish off I used a shiny top coat 'Seche Vite' which really helps brighten up the polish, I really don't like this polish with a matte finish. Summer shades for me should catch the sunlight and 'shine baby shine!

'Boom Boom Room'

Colour: I have to confess I am a pink girl, I own so many shades of pink that I was particularly pleased to find that I didn't own a similar shade already. It is a brilliant Barbie doll pink, it's fun, girly and will look fab on the beach. This colour really makes my mouth water, it reminds me of the pink Hubba Bubba bubblegum.

Application: The downside with this polish is it a total pain to apply, the formula was thicker than 'DJ Play That Song' but still quite sheer. It took 4 x coats to become fully opaque, I think the white base would of helped me here so please don't skip it!. This one dries to a more of a satin finish, again not shiny enough for me so I recommend finishing with your own shiny topcoat.

The colours are fab but for the price I would expect a better formula and finish. I will swatch the other colours with a white base and let you know if this helps with the application. Personally I don't think I would of purchased the whole set if I had tried these polishes first, I think if a polish takes more than 2-3 coats it really isn't worth the hassle.

Comments Please:
Please share your thoughts about this collection with me, did you have trouble with the formula?

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